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Working hours: Full time, anytime 5 days per week, from Monday through Sunday

About the function

We are proud to be house-smitten about the most well-known homes in the world.
It is encouraged to acquire new abilities. In addition, it provides exceptional service in a stunning setting. This is why being a part of the Royal Household is exceptional.

This is not your typical job in housekeeping. You will live and work in gorgeous historic locations, and ensure that they are at their best for guests, colleagues, and of course, members of the Royal Family.

British Royal Family House Keeping Job
British Royal Family House Keeping Job

With a view to the highest standards, you will maintain and take care of interiors as well as things like furniture and carpets to vases from the past and irreplaceable art. You will be able to take care of guests and assist with special events as well and in a setting where training and development are standard, you will have the opportunity to improve your skills beyond the immediate job.

About the department

The Household Department Master is responsible for everything that is involved in the official and private celebrations across all Royal Residences. In stunning historic locations, we tackle many food, hospitality, and housekeeping tasks. We are proud to manage some of the most famous residences. Working in tandem we can deliver the highest regular time and time again.

About you

Experience in hospitality or housekeeping would be a plus however it is not by any means required. The most important thing is impressive abilities as a team member.

You take a great time to look after and take pride in your work. Your focus on detail shows you seek to achieve the highest standards in everything that you accomplish. Your exceptional communication skills ensure that you can adjust to any circumstance.

It is a bustling workplace, but with the right time management, you will be capable of meeting challenging deadlines. Your enthusiasm for the job means that you are eager to be involved in a variety of tasks that support the team. Most importantly, you will be keen to improve and learn new capabilities.

This is your chance to apply your passion and drive to create an exceptional experience. You will receive an extensive benefits package comprising 33 days of vacation (inclusive of bank holidays) and an employer-funded 15% pension plan (with the flexibility in a way to increase contributions or withdraw as a salary).

All meals are provided as well as training and development along with a wide range of leisure facilities. Furthermore, as this is a live-in position you will receive accommodation, and your pay can be altered.

Benefits and salary

The job an Apprenticeship will provide (GBP 19,140) for Rs 18.5 lakh as your starting salary! The job provided with a live-in apartment with a salary increase. The benefits package offers 33 days of vacation (inclusive of Bank Holidays), an employer pension contribution scheme along with a variety of recreational and catering facilities.

The housekeeper also gets to use the facilities such as tennis courts, swimming pools, and many more. The travel expenses as well as meals are taken care of. Sometimes is an offer for a job that might be too tempting to pass up. It is one of the cases. It is believed that the British Royal Family searching to fill the role of housekeeper in Windsor Castle with a salary of 18.5 lakhs.

The job announcement is advertised on the official site for The Royal Household and is classified as an Apprenticeship Level 2. The ‘About the job section on the page describing the job is as follows: “It is supported in gaining new abilities. It is also providing exceptional service in stunning surroundings. This is what makes an apprenticeship at The Royal Household so different,”

The candidate selected will undergo the training for 13 months before when the candidate can be able to start the actual job. It will be located on Windsor Castle and will require candidates to work five days per week. Does that sound appealing? It only gets better. The job will be provided with a live-in residence and meals are offered at all times by the place. The expenses for travel of the applicant are also covered.

The job description states that the chosen candidate will work in other royal residences as well as Buckingham Place, during the time of the year. In addition to weekly vacations and holidays, the position will also include 33 days of holiday.

The applicants will need to qualify with a degree in English or Maths. If the applicant does not have the necessary qualifications the program will help them obtain them through the apprenticeship.

“Whether you are starting an entirely new career path or seeking to improve your skills that could create new possibilities, what is most is that you have an interest in pursuing your career in the hotel and restaurant industry. You may have some prior experience in the field, but it does not matter as we will give you all the instructions you require.

Our primary focus is on your dedication to continuous learning, determination, and ability to take on new challenges.” says the “About You section of the description of the job page.

The principal responsibility of the successful candidate will be working with housekeeping experts to maintain, clean, and maintain the furniture and other items, and ensure they are at their highest standards. Queen Elizabeth is looking for an assistant for housekeeping to work and live in one of her palaces.

The job will be located in or near Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle and is a live-in opportunity (albeit subject to a pay reduction) and includes working in other royal residences for up to three months in a year. Travel and meals are also provided by the job description posted on the official website of the royal household.

The applicant who is selected will be required to “upkeep clean, tidy and maintain the furniture and interiors, making sure they are at their top.”

Windsor castle dining

Dining room royal of Windsor Castle. Jack Taylor/Getty Images While not specifically mentioned on the resume, other homes that applicants could be spending time at are Sandringham House, where the royals enjoy Christmas, as well as Balmoral Castle, where they take a summer break.

Kensington Palace is where royals like Prince William, Kate Middleton, Princess Eugenie, and her spouse Jack Brooksbank live full-time. The job described as an Apprenticeship Level 2 will require the applicant to earn qualifications in English as well as math. Successful candidates will work towards getting these qualifications throughout their apprenticeship if they do not already have them.

While prior hospitality or housekeeping prior experience is preferred, it is not necessary to be a successful candidate. “We are more than interested in your willingness to improve your skills, take an open-minded approach, and the willingness to face new problems,” the description reads.

The initial salary will be PS19,140.09 ($25,000) The successful applicant will be working full-time, for five days per week. With the lavish living conditions in Buckingham Palace, the staff appears to be living exactly as well as their royal patrons.

Based on Adrian Tinniswood 2017 publication, “Behind the Throne: A Domestic History of the British Royal Household,” the palace provides a gym for the staff and a swimming pool. squash courts, and tennis courts.

It is important to note that the process of hiring is not easy

Philippa Smith, the Managing Director of Silver Swan Recruitment Agency, is responsible for recruiting personnel for the royal household. She has previously stated to Insider that the process of recruiting for the Queen sake is similar to “finding an elusive needle.”

“Every function in every home is unique and every family has its unique interactions within the family as well as within the staff team,” Smith told Insider. “It is, therefore, essential to visit our customers to know their homes family, their needs, and also spend time with our candidates to get to know their personalities, as well as their past experiences and their skills,” Smith added.

Smith said that on-the-job education is preferred over formal qualifications. She added: “The ideal candidate will possess previous five-star hospitality or service experience most likely in the sector of private. Any formal qualifications or training along with their previous prior experience is a plus.”

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