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Employment Opportunities For Teachers: Teachers are acutely aware of the demands that teaching places on us. We can not help but grumble when we hear teachers describe teaching as “a little stressful”. Education has a direct impact on people lives, not products. It is definitely stressful. For their mental and physical health, many teachers have chosen to leave the classroom.

Employment Opportunities For Teachers
Employment Opportunities For Teachers

Although they are no longer teaching in the traditional sense of the word, many teachers still wish to be involved with education. These 21 teacher jobs, many suggested by teachers on the WeAreTeachers HELPLINE Facebook group, will take you out of the classroom but not completely out of education.

Heather G. recommends that you emphasize your skills, not teaching positions when you are applying for jobs in other industries. Teachers are qualified for nearly every job, but you should present your experience in a different way. Instead of teaching reading skills, teachers can create goal-oriented literacy projects to gather valuable data for their school district.

1. Expert in Educational Policy

There is a good chance that you are considering quitting the classroom because you do not agree with one of the mandated policies… or all 30. You can be a policy expert and help make a difference. This is someone who has administrative experience and a desire for reviewing and adjusting policies within educational institutions.

2. Curriculum Writer/Director

Do you want to improve the quality of students learning? Are you interested in working with teachers It is a great way for teachers to influence what happens in the classroom without being there.

3. Coach/Mentor

Many districts offer senior teachers the opportunity to mentor and coach struggling teachers. Some coaches only work at one school while others travel around the district. While you will be able to spend some time in the classroom, you do not have to take care of your kids. Meghann R. says, “I am a literacy coach for ELA teachers.” After seeing how desperate educators were to survive, she started her coaching company.

“I felt that I could make a huge impact on others because I had experienced the same struggles as my peers in education. I wanted to offer my expertise where they are truly struggling.”

4. Educational Consultant

An ed consultant can help schools and businesses in many different ways. Kela L. states, “There are many Ed-tech and consulting jobs that require a teachers expertise.” Consider all the software that was used to transfer to distance learning. These companies are all thriving and might be hiring.

5. Online Educator

Although there are still some restrictions and pressures, becoming an online educator has made a huge difference for many, especially since we all did it while in quarantine. Even though the pay is lower, stress is much higher, even if you are salaried. Kellie T. is in agreement. “I am still teaching, but I teach on a virtual platform.

For a few years, I have been teaching. It is a rewarding job that I love because it allows me to teach how and what I want.

6. Community Director

You can think of your local YMCA, youth center, or other similar organizations. Teachers are the best person to help organize and facilitate athletic and educational programs.

7. School Counselor

School counselors have the unique ability to assist students and make school improvements. Counselors, while still working in a school district are personal advocates for students in crisis and organize programs to assist them.

8. Education Manager

Education managers are usually employed within a company to support teaching and learning activities. They might be responsible for organizing educational programs, funding, teaching, and other administrative tasks. Karen L. says that she is an education manager at a non-profit farm-to-school organization. I edit/revise lesson plans and teach young adults how they can teach students garden lessons.

9. Education Curator for the Public

This position helps to manage and implement educational programs and events at museums and zoos. You can think of teaching… and animal interaction.

10. Help disabled adults

Melissa M. says, “If there are any large or medium-sized companies that have people with disabilities, you might consider starting one.” SPED-educated people are needed by child protective services in every city and county.

11. Event Planner

Did you ever enjoy planning all the schools events and functions? You can continue that passion by working in event planning. You will still be able to meet others and guide projects to completion.

12. Life Coach

Coaching someone in life is very similar to teaching. You will help them find their strengths and set goals. You will only be working with adults in a non-classroom setting.

13. Prison Educator

This is why many people avoid it because they are afraid for their safety. Melissa E. disagrees. It is a great job. You have the best and most motivated students. Because they care about you, they will do everything to keep you safe. You should go for it.

14. Freelance writer

Freelancing is a great option if you enjoy writing and are a hard worker willing to do the research to find writing gigs. There are many education-related publishers that are looking for contributors. It is possible to work remotely, make a decent income, and write when you have the time. Susan G. states, “I became an editor after I retired after 32 years of working in journalism and English.”

15. Editor

You may be interested in becoming an editor if you do not enjoy writing but want to help distribute content. Editors work with writers to create content that conforms to the editorial guidelines of the publication, whether printed or online. Management and writing skills are essential! You may also find that your expertise is more sought after if you have worked in a specific field.

16. College Academic Advisor

You are a skilled teacher who can see the bigger picture and help students succeed academically as well as personally. Academic advisors are often the best match for those who have left teaching but do not want to quit the education sector. Not all universities will accept applicants without a master degree and with relevant experience in higher education.

17. Curriculum Service Rep

Former teachers are often employed by publishing companies that create curricula for school districts. Your job is to train and connect with educators about the company products. This position has many advantages. You can use the knowledge that you have as a teacher to connect with clients, you can work part-time and you can make more money.

18. Tutor

Start your tutoring business using your skills as an instructor. While tutoring jobs are still teacher jobs but you can make serious cash if your clientele is strong. Experienced teachers charge anywhere from $35 to $50 per hour. You can tap into the good relationships you have built over the years to make the switch to work at your own pace and on your terms. Michele T. says, “I quit teaching after 20 years and have never felt happier”

My school families reached out almost immediately to me to inquire if I was interested in becoming a tutor for their children. I created individual plans that were tailored to their needs.

19. Librarian

This job is for those who are passionate about books, encouraging research, or just love reading. Librarians are responsible for selecting books and educational materials for schools, businesses, law, and public libraries. A Master degree in Library Science (MLS) is required. China R. states, “Now, I work in the children department at the local library. I have never felt happier.”

20. Health Coach

A health coach is a mentor and authority in helping people make lifestyle and food changes. Wendy A. says, “I quit teaching because I was unable to replace my income in six months through health coaching. I have a huge impact on so many people lives.” Freedom to work anywhere and the most rewarding career I have ever had.

21. Interpreter/Translator

Did you teach a foreign language? You could use that skill as an interpreter/translator. Your fluency must be high as you will be translating spoken and written words in at least two languages. Do you have any other jobs that are not teacher-related? We will add them to the comments and update this post.

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