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Entry level data analyst jobs: This has transformed the way we live on our planet over the past 10 years. The countless emails, text messages we send, and YouTube videos we watch are all part of the 2.5 trillion bytes that are generated every day around the globe. Companies, big and small, have to deal with huge amounts of data, and a lot of it is dependent upon their capacity to derive valuable information from it.

A entry level data analyst jobs is exactly this. They analyze the statistical data and transform it into valuable information that companies and organizations can use to make critical decisions.

All sectors of business are increasingly relying on information to make crucial business decisions, such as which products to develop or which markets to target, and which investments to make or which customers to focus on. Data is also used to pinpoint weak areas within the company that require to be taken care.

Entry Level Data Analyst Jobs
Entry Level Data Analyst Jobs

This is why data analysis is now one of the most sought-after jobs around the globe Entry level data analyst jobs are sought by some of the biggest companies in the world. Entry level data analyst jobs salaries and perks just reflect the demands of the job, and it will likely continue growing by leaps and increments.

If you have got the necessary skills to become an entry-level data analyst jobs, then you should not be hesitant to make use of this chance. In this post on “entry level data analyst jobs job description’, let us look at the various aspects that go with this particular job, and finally examine a job description in depth.

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What Is Data Analysis?

Cleaning and interpreting, analyzing, and displaying information using various approaches and tools for business intelligence is referred to in the field of data analysis. Data analysis tools aid you in identifying key information which leads to more educated and effective decisions. It is about the transformation of data that is raw into useful statistics as well as explanations and information.

What Does an Entry level data analyst jobs Do?

A entry level data analyst jobs analyze data sets in order to discover solutions to a company customers. A entry level data analyst job also relays this information to management as well as other people who are involved. The work of these people includes a variety of different fields including finance, business crime, science, criminal justice as well as medicine, and government.

The job of an analyst is one who is knowledgeable and able to convert raw data into insight and information which can be used to make business-related decisions.

Types of Entry level data analyst jobs

Medical and Health Care Analyst

The name implies that health and medical entry level data analyst jobs utilize data from many sources to help to improve the outcomes of healthcare. They generally focus on the business aspect of healthcare, enhancing patient care or streamlining the process.

Market Research Analyst

Market research analysts gather and analyze competitor and consumer information. Market research analysts study market conditions to determine the future demand for the product or service. They aid companies in determining what goods and services their consumers want, who would purchase them, and at what cost.

Business Analyst

Data is utilized in business analyst work to develop business intelligence and to advocate for improvements to corporations and other businesses. Analysts can spot issues in any aspect of the company, such as the IT process, organizational frameworks, or employee growth.

Since companies are always striving to increase their efficiency and reduce costs Business analytics is slowly becoming a vital part of their work.

Business Intelligence Analyst

Business intelligence analysts (BI analyst) analyzes data and other data to aid businesses in making the right decisions for their business. They might collect, clean and analyze information like company sales, revenue market intelligence, and indicators of consumer engagement. Analysts in BI may also be needed to design models and tools that aid in the visualization or analysis of information.

Operations Research Analyst

Analysts in Operations Research are top-level problem solvers who employ advanced techniques for problem-solving, like optimization data mining, statistical analysis, data mining and mathematical modeling to offer solutions that aid companies and organizations operate more effectively and economically.

Intelligence Analyst

Analysts from intelligence analyze the data and information to find and eliminate security risks. External and internal statistics as well as databases and field reports are just a few examples of sources of information. To synthesize data and develop action plans, analysts should be able to conduct research, and comprehend and have analytical abilities.

Entry level data analyst jobs Job Description: Roles and Responsibilities

A entry level data analyst jobs is accountable for arranging information related to sales figures as well as logistical, market research, and linguistics behaviors. They use their expertise in technology to ensure that data is reliable and of high quality. The data is then analyzed then designed and presented in a manner that aids people, businesses and companies make better choices.

Utilizing automated tools to collect information from primary and secondary sources

Repairing damaged data and removing codes errors and related issues

Maintaining and developing databases, and data systems, reorganizing the data in a format that can be read

Analyzing data to determine what data is of good quality and the significance of it

Filter Data by examining Performance indicators and reports to determine and fix code issues

Utilizing statistical tools to detect them, analyze, and interpret patterns and trends in large datasets can aid in the diagnosis and forecast

assigning a numerical value to vital tasks so that the business performance can be evaluated and compared across periods of time.

Examining national, local, or global patterns that affect both the business and the business

Reports for management of the company highlighting patterns, trends, and forecasts using pertinent information

Working with engineers, programmers, and managers to determine opportunities for process improvement as well as suggestions for system changes, and develop strategies for data governance.

Final analysis reports are prepared for those involved to comprehend the process of data analysis, enabling them to make crucial decisions based on a variety of information and patterns.

Another important aspect of the analysts job description includes EDA (also known as Exploratory Data Analyse Project). When working on such projects, the analyst has been able to analyze data in order to identify patterns and recognize them.

Another thing that entry level data analyst jobs use is techniques for data modeling to define the key characteristics that data analytics offer.

Entry level data analyst jobs Skills Required

After you have read the job description of a entry level data analyst jobs we can look into the qualifications required to be one. An effective entry level data analyst jobs has to possess a mix of technical and leadership abilities. An education in mathematics statistics, computing, statistics, or information management economics could be the foundation for your career as an analyst in data.

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Key Skills for an Entry level data analyst jobs

Skills in math and mathematics to gather, measure, organize, and analyze data

The ability to use programming languages such as SQL, Oracle, R, MATLAB, and Python

The ability to use databases in a professional manner, including development methods, data models, and techniques for data mining and segmentation.

Experience with reporting software such as Business Objects, programming (Javascript, XML, or ETL frameworks) Databases

Expertise in statistics and statistical software such as Excel, SPSS, and SAS to be used in the analysis of data sets

Experienced in using data processing platforms, such as Hadoop as well as Apache Spark

The ability to use software for data visualization such as Tableau, Qlik

The ability to design as well as apply precise algorithms to data sets in order to discover solutions

Skills to solve problems

Attention to detail and accuracy

Proficient at completing queries making inquiries, writing reports, and creating presentations

Team-working skills

Communication skills in writing and verbal

Proven working experience in data analysis


What Tools Do Entry level data analyst jobss Use?


SQL is extensively used to analyze data in large firms and is considered to be one of the primary tools used by analysts. SQL is also utilized for software development in the hands of software engineers. SQL is a computer-based language designed to manage data stored in relational databases. It is an easy tool to master and can be used to perform complex hard data analysis.

It is a preferred choice for entry level data analyst jobs because the code is easy to comprehend and read, and can be used to modify and edit data.

Also, it permits users to create data in a manner similar to Excel however, it can be done over huge databases and across a variety of tables simultaneously.

Microsoft Excel

Excel as the industry standard for data analysis is the primary tool you can master to become an analyst. It is a straightforward application to master and entry level data analyst jobs need to know all the parts of Excel including formulas and pivot tables. Any spreadsheet program will perform, but Microsoft Excel is the most widely used.


Analysts typically need a statistics analysis software like SPSS as well as the tools listed above. SPSS is a great choice for analysts who are just certified (more about SPSS in the following paragraphs). VBA is Visual Basic for Applications – could be required by skilled analysts who work with data. VBA is a programming program designed specifically designed for Excel and is often used for financial analysis. Also, it is Word and PowerPoint compatible with Word and PowerPoint. Matlab is a great tool to create models, and algorithms and analyzing data.

Jupyter Notebooks

Project Jupyter is a one-of-a-kind service that is dedicated to the creation of free-source software and open standards as well as interactive computer services. It is compatible with a variety of languages for programming. It is an open-source online tool, Jupyter Notebook allows you to create and share documents that could include live codes, equations, graphics as well as narrative prose.

The notebook can serve a wide range of reasons, such as the cleansing of information and transforming machine learning, data cleansing, and much more.

R Compatible

It is an open-source programming language R that is compatible with every platform (Windows, Mac OS, and Linux) is another significant and extensively used instrument in data analytics. It is frequently employed by statisticians for statistical modeling due to its array of graphic and statistical options. It is commonly used to perform data processing. It allows analysts of data to develop data visualizations, such as graphs and plots.

It can be found in a variety of libraries, including Plotly. It is used in sales and banking, as well as a number of other science-related fields, including technology and medicine. To utilize this tool for data analysis, you should have a good knowledge of programming and statistics generally.


Tableau is another program that is frequently utilized by data science researchers. It is used extensively because data can be analyzed quickly by using Tableau. Also, spreadsheets and dashboards can be designed to be visual.

Tableau lets you create dashboards that can provide useful information and help propel businesses forward. If configured with the right operating system and hardware, Tableau products always run in virtualized environments.


SAS (Statistical Analysis System) is an extremely well-known suite of data analytics and business intelligence tools. SAS was developed by the SAS Institute created it in the 1960s and it has changed over time. Its main uses today include profiling clients and reporting, data mining, and predictive modeling.

It is designed for business use and the business market, the software is usually more robust, flexible, and user-friendly to large businesses. This is because they differ in their in-house programming skills.

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a relative newcomer to the world of tools for data analysis, being in existence for just a few years. It was initially an Excel plug-in but was later upgraded as a full suite software for data analysis at the beginning of 2010. Power BI helps users quickly and efficiently create interactive dashboards and reports.

The most important selling point is its data connectivity, which can be used when used with Excel (as you would anticipate from a Microsoft product) but, it also works using text file formats, SQL servers as well as cloud sources like Google as well as Facebook analytics.

Entry level data analyst jobs Qualifications: What Does it Take

After reviewing the entry level data analyst jobs job description and qualifications, let us know more about the requirements of the job of a entry level data analyst job. It is more than just technical knowledge to be successful in the field of data analytics. A bachelors degree from a field that focuses on analytical and statistical abilities is highly sought-after.

Students with mathematics and statistics, computer science, or economics backgrounds typically are ahead of the curve in the field of entry level data analyst jobs. But, a postgraduate degree in data analytics such as Data Analytics Bootcamp can make you a professional with the industry best skills.

Also, you will require soft entry level data analyst jobs skills such as:

Excellent communication and excellent presentation skills

ability to think critically


using a systematic and rational method of problem solving

team working skills

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Entry level data analyst jobs Salary: How Much Does an Entry level data analyst job Make?

Does the description of the job interest you to the point of exhaustion? If not, let us take a look at the salary statistics for this job that is in high demand. It is important to note that the pay of entry level data analyst jobs is contingent on several aspects like educational qualifications as well as location, relevant experience, and skill set.

The median annual earnings of a highly experienced entry level data analyst job could range from around $60,000 to $140,000. Companies in the fields of technology and finance tend to pay more than the typical.

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The average cross-market salary for entry level data analyst jobs is around $73,528
Entry level data analyst jobs usually advance to higher positions such as senior entry level data analyst jobs as well as data scientists and data analytics managers business analysts, etc. The higher responsibilities are accompanied by an impressive pay increase too. It is estimated that the median annual salary for data scientists starts at around $95,000. The average salary for analytical managers starts at around $106,000.

Take a look at the video below which will provide you with an idea of many tasks, the skills needed, and the structure of pay for the top Data Analytics job roles.

Top Companies Hiring Entry level data analyst jobs

If you are in search of an analyst position in data you have the option of choosing among more than 86, 000 open positions around the world. Shocking, is not it? This is due to the fact that nearly every industry benefits from the analysis of data. The entry level data analyst jobs job description is expanding into different specializations, such as healthcare, finance marketing, business, and online shopping.

Today, business intelligence firms have the most open positions of entry level data analyst jobs positions in the US and Europe than financial services, sharing economy entertainment, healthcare, and entertainment companies.

The top companies in the world that hire entry level data analysts jobs are Amazon, Netflix, Google, Intuit, Facebook, Apple, and CISCO Systems. Smaller firms such are Focus KPI, Affinity Solutions, and Norgate Technology, as Financial giants such as Paypal as well as Barclays are also looking to hire entry level data analyst jobs from different departments.

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Get Started to Become an Entry level data analyst Job Today!

Now that you are aware of the job description of a entry level data analyst job as well as the qualifications and skills required Are you wondering how you can get a job as an analyst of data? Let us go over the steps to take in the career path. It is easy to land an entry-level job in data analysis when you have earned a certification from a highly-rated data analysis course such as the ones we provide on our site at Simplilearn. Even in the event that you do not have any experience in data analysis, you can use these as a way to build a successful career as an analyst in data.

Get a bachelor degree at an acclaimed University in an area that focuses on analytical and statistical abilities.

Learn Data Analytics skills

Take a look at earning a certificate with a focus on Data Science or Business Analytics

Get your first job as an entry level data analyst jobs

You can earn a master in data analytics. Then, you could become an engineer in data, and eventually become a data scientist.

There is no shortage of opportunities for skilled entry level data analyst jobs, no matter where you are. The career of a entry level data analyst job is an exciting experience to pursue regardless of the field you be a part of.

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